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Contingency Recruiting

Finding the right person to fill a strategic, full-time position in your company is never easy. The investment of both time and money is significant when you consider placing ads, screening resumes, vetting candidates and conducting interviews.

When you work with Caliber Recruiting, all those headaches disappear. You can focus on managing your business. We’ve got it covered.

Here’s what we do:

  • We know where to find the best talent and how to recruit them.
  • Engaging Caliber Recruiting on a contingency search is 100% free. Only when we have successfully placed the right candidate have we earned our fee.
  • We are experts at identifying talented, experienced employees who are receptive to the right opportunity.
  • Our vetting process is thorough. Every candidate undergoes a thorough screening process up front to ensure the right fit. It’s our job, not yours.
  • Our clients remain confidential throughout the Recruiting process to avoid unwanted phone calls, e-mails and unsolicited resumes.

Contract Recruiting

Companies that prefer to supplement their staff with contract professionals will be glad to know that Caliber Recruiting can also secure skilled employees on a contract-to-hire or contract basis.

From start-to-finish, we handle every aspect of the hiring process, including benefits and payroll administration. This keeps your company flexible in times of economic uncertainty and free of unemployment and workers compensation risks.

Here’s what we offer:

  • We know how to find the right person for your particular contract assignment.
  • Our expertise and experience allows us to move quickly to find viable, experienced candidates.
  • We handle everything, from pre-employment drug testing, background screening, medical benefits and comprehensive payroll administration.
  • We treat our employees professionally and provide them with the best benefits to keep them happy and productive for your assignment.

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